Box 29, entering a payment to show on a claim

Entering Payments for a Particular Claim

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Entering Payments for a Particular Claim

I entered a claim for a patient and submitted to the insurance company.  Now the insurance company has paid and I want to go in and enter the amount they paid.  Can I do that?

Yes, you can easily update the amount paid in box 29.  This is how you can keep track of a claim that has been paid by the payer. Make sure that you edit the right claim and when you receive a payment from the insurance company you will zero out the balance by enter (0) in box 29 under the Diagnosis Charges Tab of the claim. 

Locate the claim: 
 Open InstaClaim to the Main Window.
2.   Highlight the patient for whom the payment was made, and
3.   Highlight the [procedure date] of the claim you want to show payment for.
4.   Click [Edit].
5.   Go to the [Diagnosis/Charges] Tab,
6.   Go to the [Summary] Tab in the middle of the InstaClaim screen,
7.   Enter the full amount of the claim in [Paid (29)] to zero out the balance.

If you want to bill the balance to the patient that the insurance company did not pay for, then enter the payment into the payments section too: 
Go out of the claim
9.   Click on the [Payments] button,
10.   Choose the patient name from the drop down arrow at the top of the payments screen.
11.   Click [New] to enter your payment.
12.   Enter as the [Type] the initials of your payer, so you can view the payments report by payer initials. Note: use the same initials each time for that payer.
13.   Enter a description that will clarify this payment to show on the patient statement.
14.   Make any private notes as needed and click [Close].

Now you can print a statement to bill the patient.

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