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ICD-9 Code Software - InstaICD - Simplified Diagnosis Searching

Simplified Diagnosis Searching

Search the ICD-9 book (Volumes 1&2) on your computer and find those tough ICD-9 codes in seconds!  Quality and performance at an AMAZING price.  We've simplified and revolutionized the way you search for ICD-9 codes. 

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Features of  2014 InstaICD - ICD 9 Code PC Software:

Highest Specificity Simplified Save Time and Frustration
  • Never lose your place again
  • Tag multiple codes and then view them together
  • Copy your newly found code into your billing software
  • 300+ abbreviations and acronyms
Quick & Easy Specialized Searches
  • Every word in volumes 1&2 of the ICD-9 is indexed (not just specific keywords)
  • Find ICD-9 codes, words, part of a word or synonyms
  • Add your own notes and be able to find them quickly (search your own words!)
  • Highlight items of interest and importance to your doctor (to quickly find when needed)

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