Insurance Overpayment Demands
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Insurance Overpayment Demands

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Q:  We received a letter from <name of insurance company withheld> asking for money back on a claim they paid a long time ago.  Can they do that? Do I have to give the money back?

A:  You've been hit with a new trend in the insurance industry called a post-payment denial. After payment has already been sent and deposited, they then tell you that they either:

  1. over paid the claim, or
  2. the claim was paid when it should have been denied.

Either way, they demand that you return the money. We have heard of cases where these demands have led to "garnishment" of future payments.

The Behavioral Health MultiBook addresses this problem and gives you the answers and tools that you need to make a fair assessment of your situation. There are some legitimate reasons where you should immediately return the money or risk allegations of fraud and abuse. There are also many situations where you should not

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