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2018 ICD-10-CM Coding for Acupuncture

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Category: ICD-10-CM

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Find-A-Code’s Reimbursement Guides were so jam-packed with information we couldn’t fit all your ICD-10-CM codes in, so we created a separate code book for you, with only the diagnosis codes you need. In addition to the specialty specific Alphabetic Index and Tabular List, these books also include:
  • A selection of specialty specific Provider Documentation Guides, an exclusive Find-A-Code clinical documentation improvement tool for teaching ICD-10 in 10 minutes
  • Large, easy to read font and custom-shortened code descriptions
  • Over a dozen code indicators, alerting you to HCC codes, HAC codes, manifestation codes, and more
  • Full official guidelines and Drug & Neoplasm Tables

2018 Reimbursement Guide for Acupuncture

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Category: Reimbursement Guides

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Find-A-Code's specialty specific Reimbursement Guides give you the coding, billing, and documentation support you need to get paid properly and keep it. With input from customers, coders, and auditors, we have combined all these needs into one great resource for professional services. These books include:
  • Specialty-specific CPT and HCPCS code lists and common categories of ICD-10-CM
  • Insider’s secrets to avoiding denials and getting paid
  • A selection of specialty specific Provider Documentation Guides, an exclusive Find-A-Code clinical documentation improvement tool for teaching ICD-10 in 10 minutes
  • Updates on risk adjustment (e.g., HCC) and value-based reimbursement (e.g., MACRA)
  • Evaluation & Management instructions from an auditor's perspective
  • And more!
Bundle your Reimbursement Guide with Find-A-Code’s specialty specific ICD-10-CM Coding book, which contains the full list of diagnosis codes you need to bill for your specialty.

2018 Multi-Specialty Provider Documentation GuideBook

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Category: Practice Mgt

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Find-A-Code’s Comprehensive Provider Documentation GuideBook contains our exclusive clinical documentation improvement tool, Provider Documentation Guides (PDGs), which train providers, and other office staff, to become ICD-10-CM documentation experts. This book includes PDGs for Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Lab/Path, Radiology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, and Interventional Radiology. Provider Documentation Guides are “ICD-10 in 10 minutes.” Each PDG covers a common diagnosis — giving you the documentation and coding requirements for the diagnoses your office treats every day. Avoid unnecessary meetings and lengthy training sessions and ensure the financial security of your practice with this quick, intuitive resource.

Complete & Easy HIPAA Compliance 4th Edition

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Category: Practice Mgt

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Find-A-Code’s Complete & Easy HIPAA Compliance - 4th Edition (updated 2017) is a simple and practical guide containing all you need to implement and maintain a compliance program for HIPAA, HITECH, and the Omnibus 2013 Final Rule components. This book is a must for every covered entity, business associate, or compliance officer. and includes additional guidance for cloud computing, and cyber-security.

This book includes:
  • 50+ customizable forms, including:
    • HIPAA Compliance Audit - easy to understand audit checklist identifies your level of compliance
    • Required and updated Notice of Privacy Practices
    • Office Policies and Procedures Template
    • HITECH Breach Notification Tools - includes Risk Assessment, notification letter templates, and logs
    • Security Procedures - includes logs to record security incidents
    • Contingency Plan Procedure - includes disaster recovery plan
    • Forms for Authorizations, Disclosures, and Releases
    • Business Associate Agreement Template - ensure compliance with associates
    • Logs - Patient Complaint, Disclosure, Employee Violations, Employee Training, etc.
    • And more!

Note: The book is not downloadable and will ship as a physical product. The forms are available for download as soon as you complete your purchase.

ABC Coding Manual - 2016 Edition

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ABC Coding Solutions is a complete Code Set designed for alternative and integrative health care. Used by multiple provider types, ABC is an excellent resource to chiropractic providers that provide services that are otherwise undefined in the standard code sets used for billing insurance payers.

Not to be used as a replacement for CPT and HCPCS codes, ABC can be used to clearly defined "unlisted" procedures (such as 97039 and 97139), resulting in better communication to payers and even reimbursement in many cases.

Additionally, ABC is an asset to non-insurance (cash) practices as this code set allows for well defined procedures that can easily be verified and translated by other necessary parties.

Order your copy of the 2016 ABC Coding Manual which includes the complete ABC code set along with additional benefits and instructions for proper use.