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The list of settings where a physician’s services are paid at the facility rate include:
  • Telehealth (POS 02);
  • Outpatient Hospital-Off campus (POS code 19);
  • Inpatient Hospital (POS code 21);
  • Outpatient Hospital-On campus (POS code 22);
  • Emergency Room-Hospital (POS code 23);
Physicians’ services are paid at nonfacility rates for procedures furnished in the following
  • Pharmacy (POS code 01);
  • School (POS code 03);
  • Homeless Shelter (POS code 04);

How Does the Physician Compare Website Affect You?

The physician compare website may not be working quite the way you think it is. Not all providers will have rankings showing up for them. Physician compare lists basic information, but quality measure information was not added until this year (2018) and not all quality measures are included in the Star Rating system. Additionally, patient surveys are also sent out and those are an additional rating.

Two recent reports should make providers stop, take notice and make sure their practice's policies and procedures are up-to-date.

Visit for a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) Tool complete with training and other guidance to aid practices in the complex SRA process.  The features of this tool allow facilities to perform a detailed Security Risk Assessment in an effort to meet Federal requirements.  Compliance is an ongoing process, and part of this process is evaluating risk and taking necessary measures to ensure the policies and procedures that you have in place are adequate for your organization.  This SRA Tool will help you to accomplish that as well as have more confidence in the steps that your pract

On Feb, 12, 2016, CMS issued its final rule implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirement that providers and suppliers report and repay overpayments from Medicare, known as the "60-Day Rule."  The ACA requires a person who has received an overpayment to report and return the overpayment by the later of  (a) 60 days after the date the overpayment was identified; or (b) the date any corresponding cost report is due, if applicable.  Notably, the final rule imposes a look-back period of six years, a shorter time period than the ten year period set forth in a proposed version of the rul

Telehealth Basics

Telehealth has experienced significant growth over the last several years. Providers need to understand the important role it should play in their practice.


Jumping on the Telehealth Bandwagon

Telehealth or telemedicine continues its growth trend which is largely propelled by patient demand. Regardless of your feelings about implementing telehealth in your practice, it is essential to realize that the majority of the new generation (Gen-X or Millennials) prefer electronic interaction over face-to-face encounters. They like the cost, convenience and  savings. Healthcare providers are now beginning to compete with providers nationally or even globally to provide patient services.

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